underground Communication Solutions

Communication is critical for improving safety and maximising development rates. Conversing in real time with underground personnel ensures your operations are running efficiently.

Wireless Mining Communication Systems

NLT’s range of network-based communication products can be used wherever a WiFi signal is present. This eliminates the need for a separate solution for communication and data networking, improving your overall return on investment. Our intrinsically safe (IS) network solution is able to provide 100% underground WiFi coverage delivering a seamless Communication Solution when combined with the NLT Digital IS Radio and Messenger RT Cap Lamps.

The Digital IS radio features excellent voice quality and can be easily integrated with an organisations telephone network or other communication platform. IS Radios can be handheld or vehicle mounted. Intercoms and other voice solutions are also available and can be easily integrated into the NLT network.

In addition to being a shining light, the Messenger RT cap lamp is a robust and simple two-way text messaging device from Northern Light Technologies® that provides powerful real time communication in a convenient and intuitive package.

Unlocking Seamless Underground Communication Solutions With NLT Digital

Effective communication is essential for ensuring the safety and productivity of underground operations in challenging environments, such as hard rock mining, coal mines, and tunnel systems. NLT Digital Solutions understands the critical importance of underground communications and offers a comprehensive range of network-based products and technologies to meet the unique needs of these industries.

We pride ourselves on our ability to tailor underground communication solutions to meet the unique requirements of each site. At NLT, we understand there is no one-size-fits-all approach in the diverse underground environments of hard rock mines, tunnels, and coal mines. This is why we work closely with you to analyse your specific needs and challenges.

For hard rock mines and tunnels, we offer the N-CONNEX network solution, which ensures seamless underground Wi-Fi coverage. On the other hand, coal mines benefit from our intrinsically safe product line, known as NetPort, which is designed to meet the strict safety standards of these environments.

With a commitment to customisation, we ensure that our communication solutions align perfectly with your site’s unique requirements, enhancing safety, efficiency, and productivity underground.

NLT’s cutting-edge solutions in underground communications

Our innovative underground communication technology focuses on four key product categories: iCOM Radios, Vigilance Cap Lamps, i.safe Phones, and the Digital Mine Messaging Application. These products demonstrate NLT’s commitment as a turn-key partner in underground network and communication technologies.

iCOM Radios

NLT Digital recognises the significance of reliable communication devices in underground environments. iCOM Radios, available in handheld or vehicle-mounted options, are a cornerstone of NLT’s communication solutions. These radios are designed to provide real-time communications in challenging conditions, allowing workers to stay connected regardless of their location underground.

iCOM Radios feature push-to-talk functionality and individual or group talking options and support an unlimited number of channels, ensuring seamless communication among teams. The digital iCOM radios offer exceptional voice quality and easy integration with telephone networks and other communication platforms, making them a versatile choice for underground operations.

These radios play a crucial role in enhancing safety and productivity by enabling instant communication between workers, supervisors, and support teams, ultimately leading to more efficient underground operations.

Vigilance Cap Lamps

NLT takes pride in offering the industry’s most advanced cap lamps, known as Vigilance Cap Lamps. Safety is vital in underground environments, and these lamps are specifically designed to meet the stringent requirements of the mining and tunnelling industries.

All Vigilance Cap Lamps are rated IP67, ensuring their durability and resilience in harsh underground conditions. Moreover, every component of these cap lamps, including the batteries, is replaceable, extending their service life and reducing the total cost of your investment. Safety protection circuits preserve the lithium-ion batteries, and state-of-the-art LED technology provides reliable and rugged illumination.

One of NLT’s notable innovations is the integration of proximity and tracking tags in Smart Cap Lamps. This feature enhances safety and productivity by facilitating bidirectional communication between software solutions and the cap lamp. It allows for real-time tracking of personnel, enhancing situational awareness and emergency response capabilities.

The Plus line of Vigilance Cap Lamps offers further customisation with Dual-Beam Technology, multiple beam patterns, and a low-light setting. This adaptability ensures that miners and workers have the right lighting solution for every task, contributing to their efficiency and safety underground.

i.safe Phones

In environments with potential explosive hazards, communication devices must adhere to strict safety standards. i.safe MOBILE, a trusted partner of NLT, provides a range of intrinsically safe mobile communication devices certified for use in explosive atmospheres.

These i.safe smartphones are designed to operate safely in Zone 1/21 and Zone 2/22 hazardous areas. They are also suitable for mining operations with devices categorised as M1. Their certifications, including ATEX and IECEx, and compliance with various international standards make them the ideal choice for global underground operations.

i.safe MOBILE devices offer comfortable operation with the Android operating system, Bluetooth, Wi-Fi, and a range of additional functions. These devices come equipped with features such as individually assignable buttons, SOS buttons, Push-to-Talk support, amplified loudspeakers, Near Field Communication (NFC), and glove-friendly displays. This combination of safety and functionality ensures that workers in potentially explosive environments can communicate effectively while minimising risk.

Digital Mine Messaging Application

The Digital Mine Messaging Application by NLT is a versatile solution for facilitating direct messaging over various platforms in underground settings. This text-based interface allows users to communicate their status, share updates on tasks, and coordinate with teams or individuals efficiently.

Whether a quick status update or a critical message, the Digital Mine Messaging Application ensures that information flows seamlessly among underground personnel, enhancing collaboration and response times. This real-time communication tool improves safety, streamlines operations, and increases productivity in hard rock mining, coal mines, and tunnel systems.

Seamless Integration for Enhanced Underground Communication

NLT’s suite of underground communication products seamlessly integrates to form a robust network, delivering safe, efficient, and optimal communication in underground environments. iCOM Radios enable real-time voice communication, while Vigilance Cap Lamps enhance safety with tracking capabilities; i.safe phones provide secure communications in explosive environments and the Digital Mine Messaging Application streamlines coordination. These products, combined with N-CONNEX for hard rock mines and NetPort for coal mines, create a comprehensive and adaptable network. Together, they ensure personnel stay connected, trackable, and informed, ultimately enhancing safety, productivity, and efficiency in underground mining and tunnelling operations.

NLT is a Turn-Key Partner in Underground Network and Communication Technologies

NLT Digital Solutions goes beyond providing innovative products; we are your turn-key partner in underground network and communication technologies. Our commitment to excellence extends to offering end-to-end solutions tailored to your specific needs. Our team of knowledgeable engineers collaborates closely with mines, distributors, OEMs, and other stakeholders to develop custom solutions that address the ever-evolving challenges of underground operations.

Our global distribution network ensures that you have access to our products and support wherever you operate. NLT also stands behind our products with extensive warranties, giving you peace of mind in your investment.

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NLT Digital Solutions is at the forefront of underground communications, offering a comprehensive range of products and technologies to enhance safety, efficiency, and productivity in hard rock mining, coal mines, and tunnel systems. Whether it’s iCOM Radios, Vigilance Cap Lamps, i.safe Phones, or the Digital Mine Messaging Application, our solutions are designed to meet the unique demands of underground environments. Partner with NLT, and together, we will transform your underground communication capabilities, ensuring your operations run efficiently and safely.