underground Communication Solutions

Communication is critical for improving safety and maximising development rates. Conversing in real time with underground personnel ensures your operations are running efficiently.

Wireless Mining Communication Systems

NLT’s range of network-based communication products can be used wherever a WiFi signal is present. This eliminates the need for a separate solution for communication and data networking, improving your overall return on investment. Our intrinsically safe (IS) network solution is able to provide 100% underground WiFi coverage delivering a seamless Communication Solution when combined with the NLT Digital IS Radio and Messenger RT Cap Lamps.

The Digital IS radio features excellent voice quality and can be easily integrated with an organisations telephone network or other communication platform. IS Radios can be handheld or vehicle mounted. Intercoms and other voice solutions are also available and can be easily integrated into the NLT network.

In addition to being a shining light, the Messenger RT cap lamp is a robust and simple two-way text messaging device from Northern Light Technologies® that provides powerful real time communication in a convenient and intuitive package.