The Alarm 2.0 provides an emergency warning solution for the N-Connex network. It features a high intensity strobe light, a siren and an illuminated emergency push button. The Alarm 2.0 features a momentary mute button to silence the siren, enabling voice communications in the event of an emergency.

Powered by PoE, the Alarm 2.0 is connected to the N-Connex network with a single Cat6 cable making installation simple and intuitive. Paired with N-Connex PoE Extenders, the Alarm Module can be installed up to 300 meters from the Distribution Module.

When placed at key positions the Alarm 2.0 becomes a vital part of the site safety solution. The Emergency Application in NLT’s flagship Digital Mine software can be configured with a map of the site to visualize the state of each alarm. An alarm can be activated locally with the Emergency push button, remotely from Digital Mine software or externally using the supplied digital input