The Alarm 2.0 provides an emergency warning solution for the N-Connex network. It features a high intensity strobe light, a siren and an illuminated emergency push button. The Alarm 2.0 features a momentary mute button to silence the siren, enabling voice communications in the event of an emergency.

Powered by PoE, the Alarm 2.0 is connected to the N-Connex network with a single Cat6 cable making installation simple and intuitive. Paired with N-Connex PoE Extenders, the Alarm Module can be installed up to 300 meters from the Distribution Module.

When placed at key positions the Alarm 2.0 becomes a vital part of the site safety solution. The Emergency Application in NLT’s flagship Digital Mine software can be configured with a map of the site to visualize the state of each alarm. An alarm can be activated locally with the Emergency push button, remotely from Digital Mine software or externally using the supplied digital input

Alarm 2.0: Your Advanced Emergency Warning Solution for Mines

In the challenging environments of underground mines, prompt emergency warnings are essential to the safety of all personnel, whether above or below ground. NLT Digital introduces Alarm 2.0 – a revolutionary emergency warning solution for mines, specifically designed to meet the unique demands of underground mine safety.


Remote and Local Activation

Alarm 2.0 is engineered for versatility with dual activation modes. It can be triggered remotely via NLT’s Digital Mine software, providing a centralised control for an immediate response. Local activation is also available through an intuitive emergency push button. This dual functionality ensures that, regardless of the situation, the emergency warning system is accessible and operational.

All-Weather Protection

Built to withstand the harshest environments, Alarm 2.0 offers robust all-weather protection. Its durable design ensures reliable performance in diverse underground conditions, from extreme humidity to dust-laden spaces. This resilience guarantees continuous operation, making it a reliable component of your underground mine safety system.

Powerful Emergency Warning

Featuring a high-intensity strobe light and a piercing siren, Alarm 2.0 ensures that every emergency warning is noticed immediately. The system is also equipped with a momentary mute button, allowing for temporary silencing of the siren to facilitate clear voice communication during emergencies. This powerful alerting capability is crucial to ensuring fast evacuation or response actions.

Simple Installation and Flexible Placement

Alarm 2.0 champions simplicity in installation. Powered by PoE and connected to the N-Connex network with a single Cat6 cable, it offers an easy, intuitive setup process. With the capability to be placed up to 300 meters from the Distribution Module, thanks to N-Connex PoE Extenders, it offers flexible placement options to suit various mine layouts.

Seamless Integration

The system integrates seamlessly with NLT’s flagship Digital Mine software. This integration allows for a comprehensive visualisation of each alarm’s status on a site map, enhancing situational awareness and response coordination. The ability to activate alarms both locally and remotely, combined with real-time monitoring, makes Alarm 2.0 a vital component in emergency warning and mine safety management.

Your Reliable Partner in Underground Mine Safety

With Alarm 2.0, NLT Digital reaffirms its commitment to enhancing safety in mining operations. This emergency warning solution for mines is a testament to our innovative approach, combining advanced technology with user-friendly design to ensure safety and efficiency in underground mining operations.

Our focus is not just on creating robust safety solutions but also on fostering a culture based on underground mine safety. When you choose the NLT Digital Alarm 2.0, you’re not just adopting an emergency system; you’re partnering with a leader in mine safety, dedicated to protecting your most valuable asset – your workforce. Trust NLT Digital to be your ally in ensuring safety and operational efficiency in the demanding world of underground mining.

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