Tunnel Communication Systems

our work in tunneling tracking and communication systems

NLT is a proud industry expert in the design and installation of flexible communication and tracking systems for the underground tunnelling industry on construction and maintenance projects like roadways, subways, railways, hydro, and service/utility tunnels.

Our engineers will work with you to design a solution that’s based on your individual needs and requirements – we offer the industry’s most reliable and durable communication solutions.

NLT’s goal with any project is to maximize the safety, productivity and profitability of our customers.

our success in tunneling network infrastructure

NLT’s N-Connex product line was made to supply hard rock mines with cost-effective ruggedized network infrastructure. It has provided a network solution that can enable underground IoT around the world in the largest tunneling infrastructure projects in the world. looking for a modular, plug and play solution to reduce downtime and increase safety, security, and productivity.


N-Connex is NLT Digital Solutions’ award-winning rugged, modular, IP67 rated networking solution for harsh environments.

Distribution 2.0 Module

Distribution 2.0

The Distribution 2.0 provides connectivity to a Gigabit Ethernet backbone. The module includes eight (8) managed PoE ports, two (2) Non-PoE Ports and four (4) Single Mode Fibre Ports to enable a range of solutions and network topologies.

The Distribution 2.0 can actively manage 240W (at 25°C) of total Power over Ethernet (PoE) supply across the various Ethernet ports. This enables a large range of high power consuming PoE devices to be simultaneously connected.

When combined with NLT Access Points, we can achieve strong and reliable WiFi coverage in underground mines, tunnels and heavy industrial facilities. NLT’s pre-terminated rugged fibre connects multiple Distribution 2.0’s to form a redundant network topology.

The Distribution 2.0 can easily integrate with SCADA systems, HMI systems and other data acquisition systems. It supports MEF service delivery and timing over packet solutions for IEEE 1588 and synchronous Ethernet. Combined with the small footprint and robust construction, the Distibution 2.0 is ideal for the most critical industrial applications



Communication is critical for improving safety and maximising development rates. Conversing in real time with underground personnel ensures your operations are running efficiently.

NLT’s range of network-based communication products can be used wherever a WiFi signal is present. This eliminates the need for a separate solution for communication and data networking, improving your overall return on investment. The N-CONNEX network solution is able to provide 100% underground WiFi coverage delivering a seamless Communication Solution when combined with digital WiFi radios and the NLT tracking engine.

Our preferred range of radios from iCOM can be handheld or vehicle mounted. They feature push to talk, individual or group talking and an unlimited number of channels. The Digital iCOM radios feature excellent voice quality and can easily integrate with most telephone networks or other communication platforms.

Smart phones, tablets and any WiFi enabled device can be easily integrated into the NLT network opening avenues of operational management that were previously unknown to the sector.

Installing an N-CONNEX network is the answer to maximise efficiency and productivity.