Keeping track of personnel and critical equipment is essential to maintain safety and enhance productivity. NLT’s integrated Tracking Solution enables an organisation to monitor the location of personnel, vehicles or equipment across your site, wherever the NLT network is installed. The tracking data is forwarded over the network in near real-time, ensuring the tracking information is timely and accurate.

The Tracking System is comprised of:

  • Tracking Tags – WiFi or RFID based tags come as a standalone unit or integrated in NLT cap lamps
  • Tag Readers – dedicated RFID Tag Reader or integrated into the NLT IS access point
  • Digital Mine Software – a Graphical User Interface to view and interpret tracking data
  • Tracking Server – the central processing system at the heart of the NLT Tracking Solution

NLT’s Digital Mine suite of software applications is straightforward and offers a range of functionality designed to improve both safety and productivity. The Digital Mine Tracking application enables the geographic location and historic data for an individual, vehicle or asset to be monitored, stored and reported.

The additional benefit of Tracking is achieved easily and cost effectively when an NLT network is installed.