NLT Digital Tracking Solution for Underground Mines and Tunnelling Operations

Keeping track of personnel and critical equipment is essential to maintain safety and enhance productivity. NLT’s integrated Tracking Solution enables an organisation to monitor the location of personnel, vehicles or equipment across your site, wherever the NLT network is installed. The tracking data is forwarded over the network in near real-time, ensuring the tracking information is timely and accurate.

The Tracking System is comprised of:

  • Tracking Tags – WiFi or RFID based tags come as a standalone unit or integrated in NLT cap lamps
  • Tag Readers – dedicated RFID Tag Reader or integrated into the NLT IS access point
  • Digital Mine Software – a Graphical User Interface to view and interpret tracking data
  • Tracking Server – the central processing system at the heart of the NLT Tracking Solution

NLT’s Digital Mine suite of software applications is straightforward and offers a range of functionality designed to improve both safety and productivity. The Digital Mine Tracking application enables the geographic location and historic data for an individual, vehicle or asset to be monitored, stored and reported.

The additional benefit of Tracking is achieved easily and cost effectively when an NLT network is installed.

NLT Digital Tracking Solution for Underground Mines and Tunnelling Operations

In the complex and dynamic environments of hard rock mining, coal mines, and tunnel systems, accurately tracking personnel, vehicles, and assets in real-time is not just a convenience – it’s a critical component of operational safety and efficiency. In response, our advanced Tracking Solution leverages the power of the NLT Digital network in combination with our Mine software to deliver unparalleled visibility and control over underground movements.

The Challenge of Underground Tracking

Efficiently locating personnel and equipment in hazardous underground environments is crucial for maintaining safety and productivity. Traditional tracking methods, however, fall short of delivering the prompt and accurate data required by management and safety teams. This shortfall can delay decision-making and emergency responses, increasing risks and undermining operational efficiency. The need for advanced tracking solutions that can provide real-time, reliable information is evident, highlighting the importance of innovation in overcoming the unique challenges of underground tracking.

NLT Digital’s Integrated Tracking Solution

NLT Digital Solutions addresses these challenges head-on with an integrated Tracking Solution designed to monitor the location of personnel, vehicles, and equipment across your site. Utilising Wi-Fi or RFID-based tracking tags, sophisticated tag readers, and NLT Digital’s Mine software, our solution ensures that tracking data is transmitted over the network in real-time, offering timely and accurate insights into underground movements.

Our Tracking Solution includes tracking tags, tag readers, smart cap lamps, digital mine software and a tracking server.

Tracking Tags

NLT Digital offers robust Wi-Fi or RFID-based tracking tags designed for the demanding underground mining environment. These tags, which can be integrated into smart cap lamps or used standalone, are engineered for durability and longevity, with a rugged design to withstand shocks and environmental challenges.

Featuring a motion sensor for dynamic tracking and a customisable beacon rate for efficient operation, these tags ensure precise, real-time location monitoring. Optimised for use with NLT Digital’s Mine Software Suite and equipped with IP65 ingress protection, they provide reliable performance and contribute significantly to safety and operational efficiency in mining operations.

Tag Readers

Designed with IP65 protection to withstand hazardous mining conditions, NLT Digital’s RFID Tag Readers are integral to our underground tracking system. These devices, programmable for specific sites, capture data from tracking tags for instant read confirmation, which is crucial in emergencies. Their adaptability allows for detailed tracking and historical movement analysis, enhancing safety and operational efficiency. Features like the Power LED indicate operational status, while their long battery life guarantees consistent performance, reducing the need for frequent recharging or replacements.

Smart Cap Lamps

NLT Digital’s smart cap lamps, including the Vigilance, Genesis and Falcon models, are pivotal in advancing personal safety and operational tracking in underground mining. They ensure constant tracking whilst seamlessly integrating with the mining ecosystem.

  • Vigilance:
  • Genesis Cap Lamps: The Genesis cordless cap lamps feature an integrated tracking tag employing Wi-Fi or, RFID tracking tags, Bluetooth, or LTE technologies for precise miner location and enhanced safety. Embedded directly in the lamp, the tag remains with the miner at all times. It’s also powered by the lamp, ensuring constant, maintenance-free operation.
  • Falcon Cap Lamps: The Falcon corded cap lamps integrate Wi-Fi or RFID tracking tags, enhancing miner safety through precise location tracking capabilities. These tags are embedded directly in the lamp, ensuring they are always with the miner. Additionally, the lamp powers the tags, eliminating the need for separate maintenance.

Digital Mine Software

At the heart of our Tracking Solution is the Digital Mine software, which features a Graphic User Interface that allows for the visualisation and interpretation of tracking data. This sophisticated software enables a comprehensive analysis of the geographic location and historical movement data for personnel, vehicles, and assets within underground mining operations.

Its capabilities extend to real-time monitoring, meticulous storage, and detailed reporting of data, ensuring stakeholders have access to crucial information for decision-making. The Digital Mine software enhances operational transparency, improves safety management, and optimises the usability of assets by providing actionable insights into the movements and patterns within the mining site.

Tracking Server

The central processing system, or Tracking Server, is the powerhouse behind NLT Digital’s Tracking Solution. This advanced server is crucial for verifying the accuracy and integrity of collected data and ensuring that every piece of tracking information is processed correctly. It lays a solid foundation for the Digital Mine software, enabling it to function with optimal efficiency.

The Tracking Server facilitates seamless data integration and analysis, enhancing the overall effectiveness of the tracking system. It ensures operational continuity and supports real-time decision-making processes in underground mining operations.

Benefits of NLT Digital’s Tracking Solution

Our Tracking Solution revolutionises underground operations by providing real-time, accurate tracking of personnel, vehicles, and assets. This system enhances safety, streamlines productivity, and ensures compliance. It’s an invaluable asset for any mining or tunnelling operation seeking to optimise their workflow and safety protocols.

  • Enhanced Safety: Rapid location of personnel in emergency situations improves response times and outcomes.
  • Increased Productivity: Real-time tracking of vehicles and equipment optimises operational workflows and reduces downtime.
  • Operational Insight: Historic tracking data supports strategic decision-making and long-term improvements.
  • Cost-Effectiveness: The solution integrates easily with existing NLT Digital networks, offering significant returns on investment.

Implementing the Tracking Solution

Once an NLT Digital network is installed, integrating the tracking system is seamless, ensuring your operation can quickly benefit from enhanced visibility and control. Our team of experts is available to guide you through the implementation process, ensuring the solution is tailored to meet your site’s specific needs and challenges.

NLT Digital – Your Partner in Mine and Tunnelling Safety

As an industry leader dedicated to enhancing mine and tunnelling safety, NLT Digital stands at the forefront of innovative safety solutions. Our commitment to developing cutting-edge products and systems is driven by the imperative to protect personnel and assets under the most challenging conditions.

With a rich history of pioneering advancements in underground communication and tracking technologies, we provide ground-breaking solutions tailored to the unique needs of mining and tunnelling operations. Our dedication to safety, innovation, and reliability makes NLT Digital your trusted partner in navigating the complexities of underground safety and operational efficiency.

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When safety and efficiency are vital to your underground operations, NLT Digital’s Tracking Solution is an essential part of your arsenal. Providing accurate, real-time data on the location of personnel, vehicles, and assets, your organisation operates more safely and efficiently than ever before. With NLT Digital, you gain more than just a tracking system; you receive a comprehensive solution designed to meet the unique demands of underground operations. Contact us today to discover how NLT Digital’s Tracking Solution can transform your approach to safety and productivity underground.