Control and Automation

The NLT IS network provides a reliable and robust data highway that enables simple telemetry and automation of equipment. Monitoring and controlling electrical equipment such as fans or pumps results in considerable cost savings and improved efficiency. Additionally, automating equipment saves time, improves safety, and enhances productivity.

Automation can include the automatic starting and stopping of equipment such as feeder breakers or conveyors, through to supporting complex automated vehicles. The high speed data backbone of the NLT IS network, combined with NLT IS WiFi access points, provide the infrastructure to support the most complex automation tasks. Whether using simple, digital on/off signals or analog measurements, the data is easily transferred to our Digital Mine Software – or the site’s SCADA package – for manipulation, display and control.

Integrating NLT’s range of solutions including Tracking, Video Monitoring, Communication and Software Applications further enables the automation and reporting capability to increase productivity, efficiency and safety.