Control and Automation

The NLT IS network provides a reliable and robust data highway that enables simple telemetry and automation of equipment. Monitoring and controlling electrical equipment such as fans or pumps results in considerable cost savings and improved efficiency. Additionally, automating equipment saves time, improves safety, and enhances productivity.

Automation can include the automatic starting and stopping of equipment such as feeder breakers or conveyors, through to supporting complex automated vehicles. The high speed data backbone of the NLT IS network, combined with NLT IS WiFi access points, provide the infrastructure to support the most complex automation tasks. Whether using simple, digital on/off signals or analog measurements, the data is easily transferred to our Digital Mine Software – or the site’s SCADA package – for manipulation, display and control.

Integrating NLT’s range of solutions including Tracking, Video Monitoring, Communication and Software Applications further enables the automation and reporting capability to increase productivity, efficiency and safety.

Elevating Underground Mining Through Control and Automation

Control and automation are integral to the success and safety of underground mining operations. As a trusted partner and integration specialist, NLT Digital Solutions is dedicated to delivering customised control and automation solutions that meet the challenging demands of underground mining sites.

We understand that all sites have unique needs, and there are no one-size-fits-all solutions in underground mining. This is why we collaborate closely with our clients to implement technologies aligned with their operational requirements. Our ability to seamlessly integrate control and automation systems, enhance safety protocols, optimise resource utilisation, and minimise costly downtime demonstrates our position as a leader in the industry.

At NLT, we aim to set new industry benchmarks for safety, efficiency, and data-driven decision-making in the complex underground mining landscape. From developing innovative technologies to their seamless integration into existing systems and our comprehensive support, we are committed to advancing safety, efficiency, and productivity across the underground mining industry.

The Importance of Control and Automation in Underground Mining

Control and automation are the backbone of modern underground mining, driving operational excellence and enhancing safety. In this demanding environment, where conditions can be harsh and access is limited, the ability to remotely monitor and control equipment is indispensable.

The NLT IS network is a dependable data highway, facilitating telemetry and equipment automation. It enables the monitoring and controlling of electrical equipment, for example, fans and pumps, resulting in significant cost savings and improved efficiency. With our high-speed data backbone and IS Wi-Fi access points, automation, including equipment activation/deactivation and support for advanced automated vehicles, becomes easily attainable.

Our suite of advanced control and automation solutions includes the Digital Mine Environmental Application, Modbus Capability, instrumentation with Modbus Capability, N-Connex IO Module, Event Composer, and the Digital Mine API. These are not just technological components; they are the driving force behind improved efficiency, heightened safety, and informed decision-making in the underground mining industry. Each of these solutions plays a crucial role in seamlessly integrating control and automation systems, making operations smoother, more cost-effective, and ultimately more productive.

Digital Mine Environmental Application

In the challenging environment of hard rock mining, the Digital Mine Environmental Application aids in optimising ventilation, monitoring gas levels, and ensuring the safe operation of critical equipment. This level of automation not only reduces costs but also enhances safety by minimising exposure to hazardous conditions.

In coal mines, the Digital Mine Environmental Application enables precise control over ventilation systems, regulating airflow and monitoring gas levels, ensuring a safe and productive mining environment. The real-time data provided by this application is essential for timely decision-making and compliance with safety regulations.

With its unique set of challenges, Tunnelling uses the Digital Mine Environmental Application to help monitor subsidence, slope stability, and ground movement. These measurements are vital for ensuring the structural integrity of tunnels and the safety of personnel working within them. The application’s contribution to automated monitoring ensures that tunnels remain safe, efficient, and resilient against environmental challenges.

Modbus Capability

NLT Digital Solutions’ Modbus Capability facilitates remote equipment monitoring and control, enhancing safety and efficiency. Whether in hard rock mining, coal mines, or tunnelling, this tool optimises ventilation, gas monitoring, sensors, pumps and other critical equipment. Beyond cost reduction, it minimises exposure to hazards and ensures compliance with safety regulations. Integrating Modbus Capability streamlines your operations, underscoring our commitment to improving control and automation in underground mining.

Instrumentation with Modbus Capability

In underground mining, control and automation are essential for monitoring vital parameters such as subsidence, slope stability, and ground movement. Instrumentation equipped with Modbus Capability facilitates the exchange of critical data between these types of devices, enabling real-time monitoring. This data is indispensable for assessing site structural integrity and ensuring personnel safety.

NLT Digital Solutions’ instrumentation streamlines data collection, transmission, and analysis, enhancing safety and operational efficiency in hard rock mining, coal mines, and tunnel systems.

N-Connex IO Module

The N-Connex IO Module is essential for expanding your automation capabilities. Its flexibility and compatibility with a wide range of equipment allow operators to easily monitor and control critical systems. Whether managing equipment, optimising processes, or enhancing safety, the N-Connex IO module is a key component of our comprehensive automation solutions.

Event Composer

Event Composer is a powerful tool that enables you to orchestrate and automate a wide range of actions and responses within your mining operation. From initiating equipment sequences to responding to critical events, Event Composer simplifies complex tasks, reduces manual intervention, and enhances overall operational efficiency. It’s a vital piece of the puzzle in achieving automation excellence.

Digital Mine API

Our Digital Mine API provides a seamless interface for integrating and extending the functionality of your automation solutions. It allows you to connect various systems, data sources, and applications to create a unified, efficient, and responsive mining operation. With the Digital Mine API, you have the flexibility to customise and enhance your automation processes to meet your specific needs.

NLT – Control and Automation Specialist

NLT Digital Solutions is your trusted partner, specialising in control and automation for underground mining operations. Our commitment to developing, manufacturing and integrating high-tech communications and advanced safety devices, specifically for underground mining, ensures the seamless integration of control and automation solutions into your operations. 

NLT sets the standard for excellence in underground data networks, control, and automation. Our expertise ensures that the complexities of underground mining are met with customised solutions, optimising safety, efficiency, and productivity. We ensure that mining operations have the necessary technology to grow and expand whilst keeping their personnel safe.

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NLT Digital Solutions is your trusted partner in harnessing the power of control and automation to enhance safety, productivity, and compliance in these challenging environments. Our innovative solutions, including the Digital Mine Environmental Application, Modbus Capability, instrumentation with Modbus Capability, N-Connex IO Module, Event Composer, and the Digital Mine API, provide the tools needed to streamline operations, reduce costs, and ensure safety across the underground mining industry.

With our expertise as an integration specialist, we ensure that your mining operations are seamlessly interconnected and optimised. We bridge the gap between technology and mining operations, ensuring that every facet of the underground environment is interconnected, monitored, and controlled with precision.