Bolt 2.0

N-Connex Bolt 2.0 Provides Convenient WiFi Capability to N-Connex Based Networks

The N-Connex Bolt 2.0 provides convenient WiFi capability to N-Connex based networks. Built for harsh environments, it is rated to IP67 and is designed to operate in a wide temperature range.

The Bolt 2.0 is a compact 2.4 GHz outdoor and underground wireless access point. It is equipped with an N-Type antenna connector to fit an assortment of industry-standard antenna options. Powered by PoE, a single Cat6 cable provides network connectivity and power, making installation easy and intuitive.

The secret power of the N-Connex Bolt 2.0 is the built-in WiFi tracking function. When paired with NLTs flagship software Digital Mine and NLT WiFi tracking tags, the N-Connex Bolt 2.0 becomes a powerful tracking device. It is capable of tracking Personnel, Vehicles or Assets that are in the location of the Bolt.


802.11 B/G/N Compatibility

Bolt 2.0’s adherence to the 802.11 B/G/N Wi-Fi standards is one of its key features, ensuring broad compatibility and stable connectivity. This compatibility guarantees the device communicates effectively over different Wi-Fi frequencies, providing stable connectivity even in areas with complex network environments. This broad compatibility is crucial for maintaining consistent, high-quality wireless communication, which is vital to ensuring operational efficiency and safety in underground mines.

IP67 Enclosure

The device’s IP67-rated enclosure highlights its robustness, offering superior protection against the entry of dust and water. This is particularly critical in underground operations, where equipment is frequently exposed to moist, dusty, or other challenging conditions. This high level of protection ensures that the Bolt 2.0 continues to operate effectively and reliably, even in the most adverse environments, safeguarding the integrity of underground communications and operations.

Up to 4 SSIDs Support

Bolt 2.0’s capability to support up to 4 SSIDs adds a layer of flexibility and control to network management. This feature enables the creation of multiple separate networks within the same physical infrastructure, allowing for tailored network access and segmentation. This multi-SSID support is essential in complex operational environments where diverse teams or equipment may require individualised network access.

VLAN Capability

The device’s VLAN support is integral to its functionality, offering improved network segmentation and enhanced security. When network security is vital, VLANs provide a means to separate and secure your network traffic. This segregation helps manage network traffic more efficiently, reducing the risk of data breaches and enhancing overall network performance.

PoE Powered

The Power over Ethernet (PoE) feature of Bolt 2.0 significantly simplifies its installation. That’s because it combines power and data transmissions into a single cable, minimising the need for extensive wiring, which is especially advantageous in the constrained spaces of underground environments. This feature facilitates a cleaner, more organised installation and reduces the time and resources needed to set up the networks, making the Bolt 2.0 an efficient choice for underground operations.

N-Type Antenna Connector

Featuring an N-type antenna connector, the Bolt 2.0 is designed for enhanced adaptability and optimal signal coverage. This connector allows for various industry-standard antennas, ensuring the device can be tailored to specific underground layouts and conditions. This flexibility in antenna choice is crucial for maintaining solid and reliable wireless coverage in diverse operational scenarios.

Built-in Wi-Fi Tracking Function

The Wi-Fi tracking capability of the Bolt 2.0 is a defining feature, setting it apart from other underground communication devices. When integrated with NLT Digital’s Digital Mine software and Wi-Fi tracking tags, Bolt 2.0 becomes an advanced tracking device capable of accurately monitoring the location of personnel, vehicles, or assets. This functionality provides real-time situational awareness that’s critical in the complex and often hazardous environment of underground mining and tunnelling.

Your Trusted Partner in Underground Mining Safety

Partnering with NLT Digital means more than just employing advanced technological solutions for your mining operations. It signifies a collaboration with a dedicated leader in underground mine safety. Choosing to work with NLT Digital is not just about implementing a system; it’s about embracing a partnership focused on the well-being and efficiency of your workforce in the demanding sphere of underground mining.

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