Bolt 2.0
The N-Connex Bolt 2.0 provides convenient WiFi capability to N-Connex based networks. Built for harsh environments, it is rated to IP67 and is designed to operate in a wide temperature range.

The Bolt 2.0 is a compact 2.4 GHz outdoor and underground wireless access point. It is equipped with an N-Type antenna connector to fit an assortment of industry standard antenna options. Powered by PoE, a single Cat6 cable provides network connectivity and power, making installation easy and intuitive.

The secret power of the N-Connex Bolt 2.0 is the built-in WiFi tracking function. When paired with NLTs flagship software Digital Mine and NLT WiFi tracking tags, the N-Connex Bolt 2.0 becomes a powerful tracking device. It is capable of tracking Personnel, Vehicles or Assets that are in the location of the Bolt.