The NLT Kiosk is an intuitive touch screen station that connects with Digital Mine. It assigns NLT cap lamps and tracking tags to personnel, contractors and guests. The Kiosk is NLT’s solution for rapid and convenient assignment of safety equipment, removing the administrative burden and allowing devices to be used by multiple people.

The touch-enabled interface and exciter technology allows mine staff to quickly assign a tracking and safety device to their user credentials at the beginning of their shift. Powered by NLT’s Digital Mine Tracking Software and the N-Connex mine industrial network, the Kiosk helps ensure accurate tracking data, enhancing mine safety with efficiency.

The Kiosk may also be outfitted with an RFID card reader to be integrated with a mine’s existing security or HR systems, simplifying the assignment of tracking tags and lamps to personnel.

Once assigned, the lamp or tag can remain assigned to a worker for a pre-configured period, ensuring operational policies are observed.