The NLT Kiosk is an intuitive touch screen station that connects with Digital Mine. It assigns NLT cap lamps and tracking tags to personnel, contractors and guests. The Kiosk is NLT’s solution for rapid and convenient assignment of safety equipment, removing the administrative burden and allowing devices to be used by multiple people.

The touch-enabled interface and exciter technology allows mine staff to quickly assign a tracking and safety device to their user credentials at the beginning of their shift. Powered by NLT’s Digital Mine Tracking Software and the N-Connex mine industrial network, the Kiosk helps ensure accurate tracking data, enhancing mine safety with efficiency.

The Kiosk may also be outfitted with an RFID card reader to be integrated with a mine’s existing security or HR systems, simplifying the assignment of tracking tags and lamps to personnel.

Once assigned, the lamp or tag can remain assigned to a worker for a pre-configured period, ensuring operational policies are observed.



The NLT Digital Kiosk features a cutting-edge touchscreen interface that epitomises user engagement and ease of operation. Designed specifically for the rigorous demands of mining environments, this high-resolution touchscreen offers miners and site managers an efficient way to interact with the system.
Its sensitivity is finely tuned to respond accurately, even when users might be wearing protective gloves or dealing with environmental challenges, such as dust and moisture. The screen’s durability is a key feature, ensuring it withstands the physical stresses typical in mining settings. Additionally, its intuitive design simplifies the action of associating a tracking device to personnel, assets or vehicles.

IP55 Protection

The kiosk is designed with IP55 protection, making it resistant to dust and water. This level of protection is essential in the harsh and unpredictable environment of mining sites, where equipment is exposed to dust, moisture, and other environmental challenges. The IP55 rating not only ensures the kiosk’s resilience in facing these harsh conditions but also guarantees consistent operational reliability. This durability is crucial for maintaining uninterrupted workflow and data integrity in mining operations. The NLT Digital Kiosk’s design considers the necessity for equipment to withstand adverse conditions without compromising functionality or performance, thus ensuring that it remains a dependable resource in the demanding mining environment.

Intuitive Interface

An intuitive user interface is a key feature of the NLT Digital Kiosk because it’s been designed with the end-user in mind, ensuring that all functionalities are easily accessible and straightforward to use. This approach reduces the learning curve for new users and enhances overall efficiency when assigning cap lamps to users..

Effective Personnel Assignments

The NLT Digital Kiosk makes assigning personnel easy, efficient and safe. It provides a centralised point for assigning lamps or tracking tags to employees., This feature is crucial for enhancing operational efficiency and ensuring that the right personnel are assigned to the right tracking devices at the right times.

Digital Mine Software Integration

The NLT Digital Kiosk is fully integrated with NLT’s Digital Mine software. This enables seamless connectivity with the existing trackingsystem, enabling real-time data exchange and decision-making. Integration with Digital Mine software ensures that all data collected through the NLT Digital Kiosk is immediately available for analysis and action, enhancing the responsiveness and effectiveness of mining operations.

Your Trusted Partner in Advanced Mining Operations

NLT Digital is your committed partner in navigating the challenges of underground mining environments. Our innovative tracking solutions, including the NLT Digital Kiosk, are crafted to enhance both operational efficiency and safety in the hazardous mining and tunnelling industry. Our focus extends beyond providing advanced equipment; we are dedicated to delivering comprehensive solutions that drive operational excellence and ensure the safety of your workforce.
Partnering with NLT Digital Solutions means engaging with a team of experts who understand the intricacies of mining operations. We offer tailored solutions that align with your unique needs, ensuring your operations run smoothly and safely. Trust in our expertise for a safer, more productive mining environment – where innovation meets practical application in every aspect of underground operations.

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Investing in the NLT Digital Kiosk is a strategic decision for any mining company wanting to enhance operational efficiency and safety. It offers an intuitive, user-friendly interface, robust data management capabilities, and seamless integration with existing mine systems, all while ensuring the durability and reliability needed in harsh underground environments.

For more information on how the NLT Kiosk can enhance your underground operations, contact NLT Digital. Transform your operational efficiency and safety with the cutting-edge capabilities of NLT Digital’s Kiosk, a testament to our dedication to innovative and reliable mining solutions.