netport gigabit

Wireless communication in underground mines

The NetPort Gigabit represents the next frontier in underground coal mining. With 2×2 MU-MIMO underground wireless capability will increase substantially. This new capacity will drive innovation and growth for your business. The possibilities are infinite, but may include IS Cameras, IS Tablets, advanced messaging devices and general data transfers.

The NetPort Gigabit is a dual 802.11b/g/n access point with a built-in 4 port ethernet fibre switch. Backbone connectivity is through four SFP ports enabling a range of network options including 100Mbps backward compatibility, 1Gbps, SM and MM.

Wireless data is transmitted and received via four antenna ports from two separate radios, both operating in the 2.4 GHz band. The four antenna ports are N-type female connectors, to which a variety of antennas can be fitted to suit the most rugged radio environments.

Four (4) Gigabit Fibre SFP Ports

The NLT Netport Gigabit is equipped with an impressive array of four Gigabit Fibre SFP Ports, a testament to its high-performance capabilities. These ports are designed to facilitate lightning-fast data transfers, ensuring that your network operates at peak efficiency. Whether connecting high-bandwidth devices or applications, the Netport Gigabit Fibre SFP Ports provide the bandwidth and flexibility to easily meet your networking requirements.

L2+ Features

The NLT Netport Gigabit doesn’t just stop at providing high-speed connectivity; it also offers a comprehensive suite of L2+ Features. These advanced networking features empower administrators with enhanced control, management, and optimisation of their network infrastructure. Whether it’s VLAN support, Quality of Service (QoS) prioritisation, or network segmentation, the Netport Gigabit’s L2+ Features ensure that your network operates efficiently, securely, and tailored to your specific needs.

Dual 2.4GHZ WI-FI Radios

With its dual 2.4GHz WI-FI radios, the NLT Netport Gigabit offers a robust wireless networking solution for challenging environments. With two dedicated radios, this device ensures consistent and reliable wireless connectivity deep within underground mines. These dedicated radios provide extensive coverage, reduce interference, and allow multiple devices to connect seamlessly, addressing the unique connectivity needs of underground mining operations. Experience enhanced wireless performance and connectivity convenience with the Netport Gigabit.


The NLT Netport Gigabit offers 2X2 MU-MIMO technology specially designed to meet the challenging demands of underground mining operations. It allows multiple devices used by miners and monitoring systems to connect simultaneously, optimising data transmission and reception. This technology enhances underground communication, ensuring seamless coordination, safety, and efficiency in the most rugged and demanding work environments.

Support For Spanning Tree STP, RSTP, MSTP

The NLT Netport Gigabit offers robust support for Spanning Tree Protocols (STP, RSTP, MSTP), safeguarding against network disruptions and potential hazards. These protocols detect and prevent network loops, ensuring uninterrupted data flow and minimising downtime. With the Netport Gigabit’s Spanning Tree support, mining organisations can easily maintain a reliable and resilient network infrastructure that’s vital for the safety of employees operating in underground environments. The Netport Gigabit minimises downtime and underscores our commitment to delivering reliable and efficient networking solutions tailored to the unique requirements of underground mining operations.

Web Based Management

The NLT Netport Gigabit offers intuitive web-based management tools, simplifying the control and monitoring of your underground network infrastructure. Administrators can remotely configure and optimise network settings, ensuring seamless communication, safety, and productivity across the mine. This user-friendly interface empowers mining professionals to maintain network performance, troubleshoot issues, and adapt to changing conditions, all from a central location.

100MBPS Backward Compatible

The NLT Netport Gigabit doesn’t just offer cutting-edge technology, it also ensures seamless integration with existing underground mining infrastructure. With 100MBPS backward compatibility, this device effortlessly connects to legacy systems, minimising disruption during upgrades. This adaptability ensures that your underground operations continue smoothly, leveraging modern technology while preserving the reliability of legacy components, ultimately enhancing productivity and safety.

Intrinsically Safe IECEX

Underground mining operations often expose workers to potentially explosive atmospheres, demanding extreme safety measures. With its Intrinsically Safe IECEX certification, the NLT Netport Gigabit is ideal for underground operations. This certification signifies that the device is rigorously tested and approved for use in hazardous underground environments. Miners can trust that the Netport Gigabit won’t ignite or contribute to unsafe conditions, ensuring the well-being of personnel and equipment.

Your Trusted Partner in Safe Mining Operations

NLT Digital has firmly established itself as a leading authority in underground mining safety and communications. Our reputation is built on innovation, expertise, and unwavering commitment to revolutionising safety practices and enhancing operational efficiency in the challenging underground mining and tunnelling industry. The NLT Netport Gigabit exemplifies our dedication to improving safety and efficiency in the complex mining environment.
With the Netport Gigabit’s cutting-edge technology and practical design, we offer more than just a product; we provide a transformative partnership that empowers your organisation to navigate the complexities of underground mining safely and efficiently while driving progress and excellence in your operations. When you choose NLT Digital, you align your organisation with pioneers in mining and tunnelling solutions – Our solutions are tailored to safeguard your most critical assets – your operations and workforce.

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The Netport Gigabit is the backbone of underground mining operations, ensuring reliable and efficient data transfer in the challenging underground environment. Its cutting-edge technology enhances safety and productivity, making it an indispensable tool for mining companies. For more information on how the NLT Netport Gigabit can optimise your underground operations, contact NLT Digital today.