Ethernet Extender for underground communication

Extend ethernet beyond the 100-meter Cat6 limit

The NLT Ethernet Extender provides a convenient system for extending ethernet beyond the 100-meter cat6 limit. The extender uses an active PoE connection to self-power and extend the cat6 ethernet connection up to an additional 100 meters.

A maximum of 3 Extenders can be used in a daisy chain configuration to extend the connection up to 400 meters, while still providing up to 4 watts of power to PoE peripherals.

When combined with an N-Connex Bolt wireless access point, WiFi coverage can be provided for an entire site.

The Extenders are fitted with IP67 cat6 receptacles to ensure waterproof and dust free connections when using NLT cat6 pre-terminated cables.

10/100/1000 Mbps

The Ethernet Extender supports data transfer speeds, including 10/100/1000 Mbps. This capability ensures compatibility with a wide range of network demands, accommodating everything from basic connectivity needs to high-speed data requirements.

LED Power Indicator

Equipped with an LED power indicator, the Ethernet Extender offers a quick and easy way to monitor its operational status. This feature aids in troubleshooting and ensures that the device is functioning correctly, providing a visual confirmation of power and connectivity.

IP67 Ingress Protection

With an IP67 ingress protection rating, the Ethernet Extender is certified to be dust-tight and withstand temporary immersion in water. This level of protection is crucial for ensuring the device’s reliability and longevity in environments where exposure to dust and moisture is a common challenge.

100m Extended Range

The Ethernet Extender actively extends the Ethernet connection by an additional 100 meters beyond the standard 100-meter limitation of CAT6 cables. This extension is significant for mining sites where long-distance connectivity is essential.

400m Extended Range

The NLT Digital Ethernet Extender’s ability to be daisy-chained up to three units allows for an impressive additional extension of up to 400 meters. This feature and its POE capability make it a versatile solution for large-scale operations. Integrating with N-Connex Bolt wireless access points further enhances its applicability, enabling extensive Wi-Fi coverage across entire sites. Moreover, using IP67 CAT6 receptacles assures waterproof and dust-free connections, especially when used with NLT’s pre-terminated CAT6 cables, ensuring a secure and dependable network in even the most challenging environments.

15/30W POE Power

The device can deliver 15/30W of POE, supporting various POE peripherals. This power supply capability is vital for devices that require both data connectivity and electrical power, streamlining the installation process by reducing the need for separate power sources.

Rugged Metal Enclosure

Housed in a rugged metal enclosure, the Ethernet Extender is built to withstand harsh and challenging environments. This durable design ensures that the device can endure the rigours of underground environments, maintaining reliable performance in conditions that might damage less robust equipment.

Easy Installation

The Ethernet Extender is easy to install and doesn’t require specialised skills or tools. This makes it accessible to a wide range of underground sites and simplifies the process of expanding your organisation’s network coverage.

Your Trusted Partner in Underground Mining Environments

NLT Digital stands as your trusted ally in the challenging underground mining environment. With our innovative Ethernet Extender, we push the boundaries of network connectivity that are vital in harsh and demanding subterranean settings. Designed for resilience, the Extender seamlessly integrates into your existing network, extending Ethernet connections beyond traditional limits while providing robust POE capabilities.

We are committed to delivering high-quality, durable underground communication solutions designed to withstand the challenging conditions characteristic of underground environments. This dedication provides our clients with uninterrupted operations and increased safety, reinforcing our role as a reliable partner in enhancing the efficiency and safety of underground mining operations.

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