The Power 2.0 provides power to the N-Connex System. It connects to a single phase 110 or 230 VAC source and supplies an output of 48-54 VDC up to 5 amps.

Adding the optional Battery Module will provide the N-Connex system with an uninterruptible power supply (UPS). The Power Module provides a dedicated connection for the Battery Module. UPS monitoring can be achieved when pairing with a Distribution 2.0.

As with all N-Connex modules the Power 2.0 is rugged and is suitable for harsh environments. The module is designed to be mounted on the NLT quick-fit rail system which can be attached to, or hung from, a variety of surfaces.

Selectable AC Input Voltage 110/240 VAC 47/63Hz

A selectable AC input voltage provides the NLT Power 2.0 Module with a significant amount of flexibility as it accommodates both 110V and 240V AC sources with a frequency range of 47-63Hz. This adaptability ensures that the module seamlessly integrates into various power systems commonly encountered in the underground mining environment, contributing to operational convenience and reliability. This capability enables mining operations to maintain an uninterrupted power supply, adapting to different power sources as needed.

Total Power Output of 200W at 25 C

The NLT Power 2.0 Module delivers a substantial total power output of 200W at 25°C, providing a robust and consistent power source to meet the rigorous demands of underground mining operations. This reliable power supply plays a pivotal role in sustaining the stability and efficiency of critical mining equipment, ensuring seamless operations even in the harshest conditions. Its dependable performance is a testament to its ability to support the continuous and uninterrupted operation of vital machinery below ground.

Status Indicators

The NLT Power 2.0 Module is equipped with comprehensive status indicators that provide immediate visibility into its operational status. These intuitive indicators offer valuable insights, enabling operators to promptly detect and address any potential issues. This proactive approach is instrumental in minimising downtime and upholding the stability and reliability of the power supply, ultimately enhancing the overall efficiency and effectiveness of underground mining operations.

IP67 Protected Enclosure

Designed to withstand the most challenging underground environments, the NLT Power 2.0 Module features a robust IP67 protected enclosure. This high level of protection shields the module from dust, water, and other contaminants that are commonplace in underground mining environments. Providing long-term durability and dependable performance in the face of harsh conditions, the IP67 enclosure ensures that the Power 2.0 Module continues to operate reliably, even in the most demanding underground settings.

Optional UPS Functionality

The NLT Power 2.0 Module offers an optional Uninterruptible Power Supply (UPS) functionality designed to meet the specific needs of mining environments. When paired with the optional Battery Module, this feature becomes an even more important asset because it ensures that even in the event of power fluctuations or outages, critical mining equipment continues to operate without interruption, preventing costly downtime and maintaining operational efficiency.
This optional UPS capability adds a layer of additional security, safeguarding against unforeseen power disruptions in underground mining operations. It exemplifies our commitment to providing robust and reliable power solutions tailored to the challenges of the mining industry.

Up to 8hrs Backup With The Optional Battery Module

When paired with the optional Battery Module, the NLT Power 2.0 Module offers up to 8hrs of backup power. This extended backup duration enhances operational resilience by allowing essential equipment to continue functioning, even in the event of power outages or fluctuations. This robust backup power feature contributes to the overall reliability and stability of underground mining operations, safeguarding against unforeseen disruptions and minimising potential downtime.

Standalone or Quick-Fit Rail Mounting

The NLT Power 2.0 Module offers versatile installation options, accommodating both standalone and quick-fit rail mounting configurations. This flexibility simplifies integration into existing setups, making installation and maintenance in underground mining environments more straightforward. Whether used independently or affixed to the NLT quick-fit rail system, the NLT Power 2.0 Module guarantees dependable and efficient power distribution, ultimately enhancing safety and operational effectiveness in underground mining environments. Additionally, the module’s compatibility with the NLT quick-fit rail system ensures fast and secure attachment to various surfaces, making it easy to adapt to diverse underground layouts.

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