NLT Digital Solutions line of smart devices debuted with Messenger, the world’s first cap lamp to accommodate bi-directional messaging. 

Vigilance is the culmination of years of experience and engineering to supply a device unrivalled in its functionality, capabilities and design.

For use in the harshest environments, the intrinsically safe (IS) Vigilance has the capacity to accommodate a variety of tracking tag options while keeping the quality of the battery and light source at the forefront.

Two-way Messaging, the integrated camera and smart apps are where Vigilance shines. With a massive 3.5 inch touch screen and integrated smart apps, the Vigilance lamp aims to improve work flow and communication for the most demanding underground environments.

Wi-Fi Network Connectivity

The Wi-Fi network connectivity in NLT’s Vigilance is crucial for underground mining operations, ensuring constant, real-time communication with the surface team. It also connects to existing Wi-Fi networks, allowing for seamless data transmission, including updates on work progress, environmental conditions, and emergency alerts.
This feature is vital in remote or isolated underground areas where traditional communication methods are unreliable. It enables miners to access vital information, communicate with team members, and receive critical updates instantaneously.


The Bluetooth features significantly enhances Vigilance’s functionality, enabling wireless communication and data exchange with other Bluetooth-enabled devices, such as sensors and equipment. This facilitates seamless integration within the mining ecosystem, allowing for the efficient collection and sharing of data.
This connectivity is vital for real-time monitoring and coordination, improving safety and operational efficiency. Leveraging Bluetooth, the lamp becomes a central node in the network of mining equipment, aiding in creating a more connected and responsive underground environment.

3.5” Touchscreen

The 3.5” touchscreen significantly enhances worker interactions in underground mining environments. Its large, clear display allows miners to easily access and navigate Vigilance’s various features and smart applications. This intuitive interface is particularly useful in the challenging conditions of underground mines, where quick and easy access to information is crucial.
The touchscreen is designed for a tough environment, ensuring durability and responsiveness even when operated with gloves. It helps streamline tasks and improve workflow, making the touchscreen a key element in the lamp’s design to enhance underground communications and safety.

Button Keypad

Vigilance’s button keypad is an essential feature, complementing its touchscreen functionality. This keypad offers a reliable and tactile input method, particularly valuable in the harsh and often challenging underground mining environment. It provides an alternative way to navigate the lamp’s features, ensuring accessibility to these features when using a touchscreen might be difficult, such as when wearing heavy gloves or in dirty conditions.
Physical buttons also allow quick, straightforward operation, crucial in emergencies where speed and simplicity are key. The combination of touchscreen and button keypad ensures the lamp is versatile and user-friendly in any mining scenario.

Intuitive Messaging

The intuitive messaging system is a vital communication tool in underground mining as it enables clear, efficient messaging between miners and surface teams. This feature is especially critical for safety and coordination in emergencies or routine operations.
Designed for user-friendliness, the messaging system ensures messages are sent and received quickly and effectively, even in challenging underground conditions. It supports a range of message types, facilitating versatile communication options and enhancing safety by ensuring constant, effective communication, which is crucial in an environment where timely information exchange can be lifesaving.

RFID Tracking

The RFID tracking feature plays a crucial role in enhancing safety and efficiency in underground mining operations, as it enables real-time location tracking of personnel, essential for managing safety and operational logistics. This feature provides a robust solution for monitoring and managing miners’ movements, ensuring a quick response in emergencies and efficient personnel allocation.

Built-in Camera

The built-in camera allows for the visual documentation of underground activities, enhancing communication and operational oversight. It’s particularly useful for recording work progress, inspecting equipment conditions, and assisting in remote troubleshooting and training.
The camera provides a visual record that can be critical in safety audits and incident investigations. This visual capability, rare in such environments, offers a new dimension to underground communication, aiding in clearer, more effective information-sharing and decision-making processes in the complex and dynamic world of underground mining.

NLT Digital Wi-Fi Tracking

NLT Digital’s Wi-Fi tracking technology uses the existing Wi-Fi network for accurate and continuous tracking of miners. The Wi-Fi tracking enhances safety by enabling real-time monitoring of personnel, which is essential in the complex and ever-changing underground environment. This technology ensures that miners are always within reach when an emergency occurs, making the Vigilance Lamp a crucial tool for safety and operational effectiveness in mining operations.

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NLT Digital Solutions excels in providing innovative solutions for the mining industry, focusing on safety and efficiency. Our products integrate advanced technologies to ensure the well-being of miners while optimising workflow and productivity. Partnering with NLT Digital Solutions means choosing a leader in mining safety committed to delivering reliable and effective solutions for the challenging environments of underground mining.

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