I/O Module

The IO module is the answer to integrating sensors and instrumentation into the N-Connex network enabling the monitoring and control of a wide range of systems. The IO is compatible with any PLC or control network using modbus TCP. When paired with NLT’s flagship software Digital Mine, the display of gas sensors, fan speeds, paste instrumentation or any other compatible device is made possible..

Two versions of the IO module are available: The Analog version and the Digital version. The Analog version is equipped with six (6) analog inputs, two (2) analog outputs , two (2) digital inputs and two (2) digital outputs. The Digital version is equipped with eight (8) digital inputs and eight (8) digital outputs. The digital outputs are driven by relays allowing the use of a wide range of control voltages. The digital inputs are also customizable to a range of control voltages making the IO ideal for almost any control system. .

As with all N-Connex modules the IO Module is rugged and is suitable for harsh environments. The module is designed to be mounted on the NLT quick-fit rail system which can be attached to, or hung from, a variety of surfaces. It can also be mounted separately on its own.

Overview of NLT Digital’s I/O Module

NLT Digital’s I/O Module is a versatile and essential component for integrating various sensors and instrumentation into the N-Connex network. This network plays a pivotal role in monitoring and controlling a wide array of systems in underground mining operations. It comes in two versions: the Analogue I/O Module and the Digital I/O Module, each designed to cater to specific requirements.

Analogue I/O Module

The Analogue I/O Module is perfect for applications that require processing and converting analogue signals from sensors such as temperature, pressure, or flow meters.

Six Analogue Inputs & Two Analogue Outputs

This module is equipped with six analogue inputs and two analogue outputs, making it highly capable of handling a variety of signal types from different sensors.

Two Digital Inputs & Two Digital Outputs

 It also includes two digital inputs and two digital outputs, offering flexibility in interfacing with various digital devices.

IP65 Protection

Ensuring durability and reliability in harsh environments, the module comes with IP65 protection, safeguarding it against dust and moisture prevalent in underground mine sites.

Digital I/O Module

The Digital version’s outputs are driven by relays, allowing a wide range of control voltages to be used. Its inputs are customisable to different control voltages, making it ideal for almost any control system.

Eight Digital Inputs & Eight Digital Outputs

The Digital I/O Module boasts eight digital inputs and eight digital outputs, providing ample interfaces for various digital control signals.

IP65 Protection

As with its analogue counterpart, this module is also IP65 rated, ensuring its operation in challenging mining environments.

Integration and Compatibility

Both modules seamlessly integrate with PLCs or control networks using Modbus TCP. When paired with NLT’s flagship software, Digital Mine, they enable the display and monitoring of various devices such as gas sensors, fan speeds, and paste instrumentation. This integration underscores the flexibility and adaptability of the I/O Module in diverse mining and underground applications.

Rugged and Versatile Design

All N-Connex Modules, including the I/O Module, are designed to be tough and rugged, making them suitable for harsh environments. The I/O Module is also compatible with the NLT quick-fit rail system, offering versatile mounting options. It can be attached to or hung from various surfaces or mounted separately, depending on the specific requirements of the installation site.

Your Trusted Ally in Underground Mining & Tunnelling Operations

NLT Digital is an essential partner for companies navigating the demanding conditions of underground environments. Our I/O Modules are a testament to our commitment to enhancing operational efficiency and safety in the mining and tunnelling industry.

These analogue and digital modules are crafted with cutting-edge technology and practical design, ensuring seamless integration and reliable operations in challenging underground settings. Choosing NLT Digital’s I/O Modules means choosing a partnership focused on creating a safer, more efficient underground workspace.

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The I/O Modules from NLT Digital offer a robust and efficient solution for integrating a wide range of systems into the N-Connex network. Their versatility, rugged design and IP65 protection make them an ideal choice for mining applications where reliability and adaptability are crucial. For more information on how the Analogue or Digital I/O Module can enhance your underground operations, contact NLT Digital.