Tag Tester

The Active Tag Tester is a vital tool to keep your tracking system healthy. It is capable of testing reverse tracking tags, or standard RFID tags.

Simply push and hold the button to activate the tag tester. If there is a tag in the area, the green LED will blink to show the tag is active.

IP65 Protection

The IP65 rating in the NLT Tag Tester signifies its robustness against environmental challenges typical in underground mining. This protection level means the device is entirely dust-tight, preventing particulate matter from entering and potentially damaging internal components. Additionally, it can withstand low-pressure water jets, a common occurrence in mining environments due to cleaning processes or natural water ingress.
This degree of protection is crucial not just for the longevity of the device but also for its reliability in critical tracking and safety applications. The IP65 protection also ensures that the maintenance and cleaning of the device is straightforward, contributing to operational efficiency.


The RFID Tag Read LED is a simple yet vital feature in underground mining sites. It provides immediate and clear feedback on a tag’s status, indicating when a tag is successfully read and providing on-the-spot confirmation to the operator. This instant feedback is crucial in time-sensitive situations, such as emergency roll calls or equipment checks, where every second counts.
Moreover, in environments with limited visibility or where miners are focused on their tasks, a visual cue like an LED light is far more effective than checking a screen or waiting for auditory signals. This LED streamlines operations and enhances safety by ensuring all personnel and equipment are accounted for promptly and accurately.

Programmable For Individual Sites

Mining sites vary greatly in their layout, environmental conditions, and operational requirements. The programmability of the Tag Tester allows it to be fine-tuned to the specific frequencies, tag types, and data collection needs of each site. This functionality could include setting up distinct zones within a mine where tags need to be tracked more intensely or programming the device to collect different types of data based on the area of the mine where it’s located.
This flexibility is invaluable in an industry where customisation can significantly impact safety and operational efficiency. This feature also allows for scalability, as the device can be reprogrammed and repurposed as the mine’s requirements evolve.

Reverse Tracking or RFID Tag

The potential for reverse tracking offers a dynamic dimension to underground mining operations. This functionality enables supervisors to track the current location of personnel or equipment and review their movement history.
In an emergency, such as a cave-in or equipment failure, the RFID Tag allows operators to trace the movements of affected personnel and can significantly aid in rescue efforts. This functionality can also analyse movement patterns and provide valuable insights for operational improvements and hazard identification. For instance, identifying areas where workers frequently congregate can help adjust workflow to reduce congestion and enhance safety.

Power LED

Including a Power LED on the Tag Tester goes beyond a mere indicator of operational status; it plays a key role in the maintenance and reliability of the device in a mining environment. That’s because, in an underground setting, where equipment failure can have serious consequences, this simple feature provides a first line of diagnostic information.
A lit LED signifies the device is powered and ready for use, while an unlit LED could indicate a range of issues, from a depleted battery to a more serious malfunction. This immediate visual cue is particularly useful in an environment where routine checks and quick diagnostics are a part of everyday safety protocols. The Power LED also aids in ensuring the device is turned off when not in use, conserving battery life and reducing wear and tear.

Long Battery Life

Long battery life in a device like the NLT Tag Tester is more than a convenience, it’s a critical feature in the context of underground mining. Mines are expansive and often remote environments where charging facilities might not be readily available, and equipment reliability is crucial.
A long-lasting battery ensures the device can operate over extended shifts without the need for frequent recharging. This is particularly important for safety equipment like tag testers, which are essential for continuously monitoring personnel and equipment. Extended battery life also reduces the frequency of maintenance and battery replacements, contributing to overall operational efficiency.

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