Lightning Bolt

The N-Connex Lightning Bolt provides fast, convenient WiFi capability to N-Connex based networks. Built for harsh environments, it is rated to IP67 and is designed to operate in a wide temperature range.

The Lightning Bolt is a compact dual band outdoor and underground wireless access point. It is equipped with two N-Type antenna connectors to fit an assortment of industry standard antenna options. Powered by gigabit PoE, a single Cat6 cable provides network connectivity and power, making installation easy and intuitive. Additionally, the low power design ensures 802.11AC WiFi can be achieved at up to 300m from the NLT Distribution Module when paired with NLT’s Cat6 extenders.

The secret power of the Lightning Bolt is the built-in WiFi tracking function. When paired with NLT’s Digital Mine software and NLT WiFi tracking tags the Lightning Bolt becomes a powerful tracking device. It is capable of tracking Personnel, Vehicles or Assets that are in the proximity of the Bolt. Location tracking enables you to streamline business processes and improve operations, while also promoting a safer work environment.


2.4/5 GHZ WIFI Access Point

The Lightning Bolt from NLT Digital is equipped with a sophisticated dual-band 2.4/5 GHz WIFI access point, delivering exceptionally robust and adaptable wireless connectivity tailor-made for the strenuous conditions prevalent in underground mining. This advanced feature ensures reliable communication and seamless data transfer, which are vital components of underground mining operations.
The dual-band capability facilitates enhanced bandwidth and superior signal quality across both frequency bands, effectively accommodating a wider range of devices and applications. This versatility is crucial in mining environments, where reliable wireless communication is essential to operational efficiency and safety, ensuring continuous, uninterrupted connectivity even in the most challenging underground conditions.

IP67 Enclosure

Designed with an IP67-rated enclosure, the Lightning Bolt guarantees protection against dust and water, making it highly suitable for challenging underground environments. The high integrity of this enclosure ensures that the device can withstand exposure to the elements and continue functioning optimally in wet and dusty conditions, which are common in mining sites.
The IP67 enclosure is also engineered to endure the extreme physical impacts and vibrations typical in mining operations, ensuring the device’s longevity and reliability. Its robust construction not only guards against environmental hazards but also maintains consistent performance in the demanding and variable conditions of underground workspaces, reinforcing the resilience of underground communication systems.

POE & Gigabit Ethernet

The Lightning Bolt’s integration of Power Over Ethernet (POE) and Gigabit Ethernet is a testament to its high-speed and efficient networking capabilities. POE significantly streamlines the installation process by reducing the need for extensive cabling, leading to a cleaner and more organised setup. Concurrently, the inclusion of Gigabit Ethernet offers fast and reliable data transmission, an essential feature for the time-sensitive and data-intensive nature of mining operations.
This combination of POE and Gigabit Ethernet not only enhances network performance but also ensures a more reliable and robust communication infrastructure crucial for the smooth functioning of modern mining activities.

Dual Stream MU-MIMO

Equipped with Dual Stream Multi-User, Multiple Input, Multiple Output (MU-MIMO) technology, the Lightning Bolt allows multiple users to access the network simultaneously without compromising speed or quality. This feature significantly enhances the overall network efficiency, making it ideal for environments where multiple devices need to connect simultaneously.

Web-Based Management

The Lightning Bolt’s web-based management interface stands out for its user-friendliness and intuitive design, providing a streamlined network configuration and management approach. This advanced interface facilitates rapid setup, continuous monitoring, and effortless adjustment of network settings, accommodating even the most complex configurations with ease. It empowers network administrators to maintain efficient control over the network from remote locations, ensuring seamless operation and quick response to any network changes or issues. This feature is particularly valuable in mining environments where quick, efficient network management is key to maintaining uninterrupted communication and operational continuity.

Ethernet Extender Support (up to 300M)

To further enhance its functionality, the Lightning Bolt supports Ethernet Extender technology, allowing Ethernet connections to extend up to 300 meters. This feature is particularly useful in mining operations where long-distance network connectivity is required, providing greater flexibility and range for network setups.

Rugged N-Type Antenna Connectors

The device is equipped with rugged N-Type antenna connectors, ensuring durable and reliable physical connections in the harsh mining environment. These connectors are designed to withstand physical stress and environmental factors, maintaining a stable and secure connection for the antenna systems.

Bluetooth On Board

With onboard Bluetooth capabilities, the Lightning Bolt offers additional flexibility for local wireless communication. This feature allows for easy connectivity with a range of Bluetooth-enabled devices, enhancing the scope of operations and providing more data transfer and communication options in the mining environment.

Your Trusted Partner in Advanced Mining Operations

As a global leader in mining and tunnelling solutions, NLT Digital is your trusted partner for advanced underground operations. Our commitment to innovation and safety is exemplified in the Lightning Bolt. This product combines state-of-the-art technology with practical design to ensure continuous, safe operations in challenging underground environments. Partnering with NLT Digital means choosing a collaboration that focuses on creating safer, more efficient underground workspaces. Our expertise and dedication to safeguarding operations and workforce are unmatched, making us the ideal choice for mining companies seeking reliable, high-performance solutions. Trust NLT Digital for solutions that not only meet but exceed the demands of modern underground mining.


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