Data Network

Our IS network solution provides a high speed fibre backbone to handle the most demanding of data requirements in a mine. The NLT IS access points are standards compliant and will allow any WiFi device to connect and operate over the network.

From laptops and smartphones through to WiFi enabled PLC’s and tags, high speed data communications are made available where you need it most. Mission critical data can be accessed underground in real time. Surveyors can review and update drawings while drill rigs can be uploaded with the latest drill plans. Commonly performed tasks such as accessing emails or vendor websites can also be performed underground when using the NLT IS network.

Having secure access to your data servers and the internet can overcome the inherent difficulties in working underground and dramatically improve productivity and safety.

Robust Data Networks in Underground Mining Environments

The lifeline of underground mining operations hinges on functional, efficient, and resilient data networks. As a data network specialist, NLT Digital Solutions offers comprehensive and cutting-edge data network services tailored to the challenging demands of the mining industry.

Robust data networks serve as the central nervous system of underground mining sites, playing a pivotal role in ensuring seamless operations and the well-being of miners. In underground mining sites, where access is limited, and conditions can be harsh, the importance of reliable data networks cannot be overstated.

These networks empower miners with real-time communication, enabling remote monitoring of critical equipment, and enhancing safety protocols. With a commitment to innovation and excellence, NLT Digital Solutions is dedicated to advancing underground data networks, setting new industry standards, and ensuring that mining operations, whether in hard rock mining, coal mines, or tunnel systems, have the technology they need to thrive safely and efficiently.

Here are five reasons NLT Digital is a leader in underground mining data networks.

Real-Time Communications

NLT Digital data networks enable real-time communications and monitoring, providing miners with immediate access to critical information. This translates to faster responses in emergencies, enhancing overall safety protocols.  In addition, the ability to remotely monitor equipment and environmental conditions reduces the risk to miners, promoting a safer working environment.

Operational Efficiency

Our data networks facilitate the rapid transfer of data, enabling miners to make informed decisions promptly. From optimising ventilation systems to automating equipment and vehicle control, these networks streamline processes, minimise downtime, and improve resource utilisation.

Boosts Productivity

NLT’s reliable data networks foster productivity by allowing seamless coordination between teams working in different parts of the mine. Miners can communicate effectively, share vital data, and coordinate tasks, resulting in increased overall productivity.

Compliance and Reporting

In the highly regulated underground mining industry, robust data networks facilitate compliance with safety and environmental regulations. They enable accurate data collection and reporting, ensuring that mining operations adhere to industry standards and avoid costly fines.

Cost Reductions

Efficient data networks reduce operational costs by minimising downtime, optimising resource usage, and reducing the need for on-site personnel. This cost-effectiveness enhances the overall financial health of mining operations.

Components of NLT’s Data Networks

NLT Digital Solutions offers a range of cutting-edge components designed to transform connectivity in underground mining. Our N-Connex line supports communications in hard rock mining and tunnelling operations, whilst our intrinsically safe (IS) network solutions support coal mining operations.

Discover the capabilities of N-Connex Distribution 2.0, Bolt 2.0, Lightning Bolt , NetPort Gigabit, Surface Switch, Industrial Switch, and NetPort Distribution.

N-Connex Distribution 2.0

N-Connex Distribution 2.0 is the foundation of our data network services for underground mining. This advanced technology provides robust underground Wi-Fi coverage, enabling seamless communication and data networking wherever it’s needed. This network eliminates the need for separate solutions for communication and data networking, enhancing the overall return on investment for mining operations. When combined with the NLT N-Connex Bolt Access Points, the result is a cohesive communication solution.

Bolt 2.0

The N-Connex Bolt 2.0 provides a 2.4 GHz outdoor and underground wireless access point that fits a variety of industry-standard antenna options. Powered by PoE, the Bolt 2.0 ensures that data flows smoothly, supporting critical operations that rely on real-time information. When paired with NLT’s Digital Mine and Digital Wi-Fi Tracking Tags, the Bolt 2.0 transforms into a powerful tracking device capable of tracking personnel, assets and vehicles.

Lightning Bolt 

When it comes to data delivery, the Lightning Bolt  sets the gold standard. This technology ensures rapid and reliable data transmission underground, enhancing overall efficiency. It comes with a 2.4/5 GHz Wi-Fi access point, PoE and gigabit ethernet, dual stream MU-MIMO, ethernet extender support, Bluetooth, and two N-type antenna connectors. It’s easy to install and simple to use.

NetPort Gigabit

The NetPort Gigabit provides coal mining operations with the Gigabit Ethernet connectivity required to support high-bandwidth data transfer and communication needs. With this advanced solution, miners can rely on fast and stable data connections, enabling smooth communication and efficient data exchange. It comes with four Gigabit fibre SFP ports, 2×2 MU-MIMO underground wireless capability, dual 2.4GHz Wi-Fi radios, and a dual 802.11b/g/n access point with a built-in 4 port ethernet fibre switch.

Surface Switch

While underground connectivity is vital, the Surface Switch ensures that communication extends seamlessly to the surface. This technology bridges the gap between the underground and surface operations, providing uninterrupted data flow. Whether it’s monitoring equipment on the surface or coordinating with above-ground personnel, the Surface Switch ensures that communications remain intact.

Industrial Switch

The NLT Industrial Switch is purpose-built for underground mining. It seamlessly integrates with data acquisition systems, supports MEF service delivery, and offers advanced timing solutions. Its robust construction and compact design make it ideal for critical underground applications, ensuring reliable and secure networking capabilities in challenging environments.

NetPort Distribution

NetPort Distribution is a key component in ensuring optimised data distribution throughout underground mining operations. This technology streamlines the flow of data, making it accessible where and when it’s needed most. With NetPort Distribution, you can safely connect a large range of high-power consuming PoE devices simultaneously. Combined with NLT Digital Access Points, you can achieve strong and reliable Wi-Fi coverage across your mining site.

Your Turnkey Partner in Mining Communications and Safety

At NLT Digital Solutions, we’re more than just a provider of data network services; we’re your trusted partner in mining communications and safety. We work closely with mining operators, understanding the unique challenges they face operating underground.

When you partner with NLT Digital Solutions, you gain more than just data network services – you gain a trusted ally dedicated to maximising safety, communications and productivity in the challenging world of underground mining.

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NLT Digital is a leader in developing and integrating data networks for underground mining sites. With our range of advanced technologies, including N-Connex Distribution 2.0, Bolt 2.0, Lightning Bolt, NetPort Gigabit, Surface Switch, Industrial Switch, and NetPort Distribution, we ensure that miners have the technology to work safely underground, whether in hard rock mining, coal mines or tunnelling. As your trusted partner, we will transform your underground data networks, ensuring the safety, sustainability and productivity of your mining operations.

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