Condition Monitoring

Monitoring environmental conditions is critical to making informed safety and production decisions for your operation.
NLT partners with leading-edge providers of Environmental, Ventilation, Gas, and Geotechnical Monitoring Systems to provide solutions that are reliable and accurate, enhancing operational efficiency and safety. From local design and manufacture to distribution and support, NLT works with our customers and technology partners to ensure you have access to the very best monitoring technologies.

Integrating these systems with the NLT networking infrastructure enables real-time monitoring and data capture. This critical data can be used to automate production and safety processes. Historical data can be analysed to fully understand the conditions in your operation.

We’re integration experts – providing complete solutions to monitor critical conditions vital to your operation. We can connect any monitoring system to your existing monitoring and control software systems, or through the NLT Digital Mine software, giving you access to valuable and relevant data at your fingertips.

NLT offers a full range of condition monitoring systems and solutions:

  • Ultrasonic Ventilation Airflow Monitoring – highly accurate airflow and quality measurements
  • Environmental Monitoring – temperature, humidity, pressure, wet bulb, dry bulb, heat stress index, and more
  • Geotechnical Monitoring – subsidence monitoring,slope/high wall monitoring detects the most minute ground movement
  • Gas Monitoring – toxic and combustible gases, oxygen and inert gases
  • Software, Integration and Networking – Digital Mine suite of software, SCADA/PLC systems