wifi tracking tag

The Wifi Tracking Tag is the market’s leading tag, with more units deployed than any other tag of its kind. These IP65 rugged, battery-powered tags can be attached to people and to a variety of equipment, such as tools, containers, manufacturing equipment and vehicles. This enables tagged items to be accurately located in real-time and in any environment.

 WiFi Tracking Tag messages are seamlessly received and processed by NLT’s WiFi access points, keeping infrastructure costs low and installation simple. As with all tags, location determination is performed through a unique beaconing method that keeps network impact low and ensures scalability and long battery life.

Wifi Tracking Tags are ideal for personnel tracking and enable you to streamline business processes and improve operations, while also promoting a safer environment.

Long Life

The WI-FI Tracking Tag from NLT Digital is engineered for exceptional longevity, a crucial attribute for underground mining operations. Its advanced battery design caters to the demands of continuous, long-term use in rugged environments. This sustained performance is essential, as it ensures reliable operation over extensive periods, critical in settings where consistent tracking is vital for safety and efficiency.
The robust battery minimises the need for frequent replacements, thereby enhancing operational continuity. This longevity is not only convenient but also instils confidence among miners, as they can rely on the tag’s functionality to support their safety and streamline mining operations.

Rugged Design

The WI-FI Tracking Tag from NLT Digital is designed with a focus on durability, making it ideal for the demanding environment of underground mining. Engineered to withstand the rigorous challenges of such settings, the tag’s robust construction ensures its functionality against the typical physical stresses encountered in mining.
A key attribute is its resilience against shocks, vibrations, and general wear and tear. This rugged design guarantees consistent performance and reliability, which is critical in mining operations where equipment durability directly influences safety and operational efficiency.

Motion Sensor

The WI-FI tracking tag is equipped with a motion sensor feature that dynamically adjusts its polling rate upon detecting movement. This intelligent system effectively conserves battery life by reducing the polling rate during periods of inactivity. By seamlessly adapting to the absence of motion, the device optimizes its energy usage, ensuring prolonged operational efficiency without compromising on functionality.

WI-FI Tracking

The WI-FI tracking feature of the NLT Digital WI-FI Tracking Tag is a cornerstone of its functionality in underground mining operations. This feature provides real-time location tracking within the mining environment, leveraging the existing WI-FI network to offer precise and efficient monitoring capabilities. The real-time aspect of this technology is critical for enhancing safety, as it allows for the immediate location of personnel and equipment in case of emergencies. This tracking capability also plays a significant role in operational management, helping streamline processes and improve overall efficiency in the demanding and dynamic mining environment.

Customisable Beacon Rate

The customisable beacon rate of the NLT Digital WI-FI Tracking Tag is a vital feature, offering flexibility in tracking frequency. This adaptability allows for efficient battery and network usage, which is crucial in the expansive and complex environment of underground mining.
Adjusting the beacon rate based on specific operational needs enhances the tag’s efficiency, ensuring it provides accurate and timely data without overburdening the network or depleting the battery too quickly. This customisation capability is key to optimising the tag’s performance for various mining scenarios.

Optimised For Digital Mine Software Suite

The WI-FI Tracking Tag’s compatibility with NLT Digital’s Digital Mine Software Suite significantly enhances its utility in mining operations. This optimal integration ensures the tag works seamlessly with essential mining software, facilitating comprehensive monitoring and management.
This feature plays a vital role in the digital mining ecosystem, where real-time data from the tag informs crucial decisions for safety and efficiency. The tag’s data integration with the software suite enhances situational awareness and operational insights. This integration is instrumental in advancing the digital transformation of modern mining practices.

IP65 Ingress Protection

The WI-FI Tracking Tag is equipped with IP65 ingress protection, a crucial feature for its application in underground mining. This protection ensures the tag’s resilience against environmental elements like dust and water that are common in mining settings.
The IP65 rating signifies a high level of durability, essential for its reliable performance in the variable and often harsh conditions found in mining environments, where the integrity of tracking equipment is vital for safety and operational continuity.

NLT Digital – Your Trusted Partner in Mining Safety

NLT Digital is a leader in underground safety and operational efficiency in the mining sector. Our commitment to developing advanced technology solutions like the WI-FI Tracking Tag underlines our dedication to operational safety and efficiency. Partnering with NLT Digital means choosing a leader in innovative mining solutions, one that prioritises the protection of both personnel and assets. Our expertise in designing and manufacturing reliable, cutting-edge products ensures a safer, more efficient mining environment, cementing our role as a trusted ally in the mining industry.

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Real-time location tracking and a rugged design are key features of the WI-FI Tracking Tag, essential for safety and efficiency in underground mining environments. These features ensure precise monitoring and durability under challenging conditions. For more information on how the WI-FI Tracking Tag can enhance your underground operations, contact NLT Digital Today!