Designed To Provide Backup Power When The AC Power Source Is Shut Down

The battery module is designed to provide backup power when the AC power source is shut down. The battery module can connect to the Power Module to provide an uninterruptable power supply (UPS).

It is connected to the Power module with the supplied quick-connect cable, making installation simple and intuitive. The Battery Module will last up to 8 hours or more depending on the N-Connex configuration. A maximum of two Battery Modules can be  connected to the Power Module to extend backup time further.

As with all N-Connex modules the Battery Module is rugged and is suitable for harsh environments. The module is designed to be mounted on the NLT quick-fit rail system which can be attached to, or hung from, a variety of surfaces.


Uninterruptible Power Supply (UPS) Integration

The Battery Module from NLT Digital is a cornerstone of reliability, especially designed to keep critical operations running smoothly during power outages. This module is an uninterruptible power supply (UPS) that maintains continuous operations in the rigorous and unpredictable underground mining and tunnelling environments.

Offering up to 8 hours of backup power, which can be further extended by connecting additional Battery Modules, this system is a robust safeguard against power interruptions.

Easy Installation and Extended Backup

Understanding the demands of underground environments, our Battery Module is equipped with a quick-connect cable that enables a straightforward, hassle-free setup process, minimising downtime and technical complications. This user-friendly approach makes the Battery Module an ideal solution for various industrial settings, where quick and efficient installation is key to maintaining ongoing operations.

Rugged and Versatile

Designed to endure the harsh conditions typical of underground mining, NLT Digital’s Battery Module is tough, rugged and built to last. Due to its compatibility with the NLT quick-fit rail system, It’s also extremely versatile, with different mounting options to ensure it’s always ready to perform, even under challenging circumstances. This durability allows the Battery Module to withstand extreme environmental conditions while delivering consistent, dependable power.

Advanced Technical Features

The Battery Module is equipped with several key features:

  • Nominal 48 VDC & PoE Support: Operating at a nominal 48 VDC, the Battery Module is tailored to support active Power over Ethernet (PoE) devices. This feature is essential for modern, technologically advanced industrial applications, ensuring essential equipment stays powered and connected.
  • Status Indicator: This feature allows for immediate monitoring and management of the module’s performance, ensuring any issues can be quickly addressed. The status indicator maintains operational integrity and avoids unexpected power-related disruptions.
  • Efficient Thermal Management: The Battery Module is designed for efficient thermal management and features a vented aluminium enclosure. This design ensures that the module operates within optimal temperature ranges, which is critical for extending the lifespan of the equipment.
  • Automatic Recharging & Weatherproof Design: Maintenance of the Battery Module is simplified with its automatic recharging feature. This ensures the module is always ready for use, reducing manual intervention and maintenance requirements. Additionally, its IP67-rated weatherproof enclosure guarantees the module’s durability and reliability in various environmental conditions, from wet and humid to dusty and dry.

Your Partner in Advanced Underground Operations

NLT Digital is a pivotal partner for companies working in extreme underground environments. The design of our Battery Module reinforces our commitment to enhancing operational efficiency and safety within the mining and tunnelling industry.

This innovative power solution reflects our dedication to merging cutting-edge technology with practical design, ensuring uninterrupted and safe operations in the underground environment. NLT Digital doesn’t just offer a product – we offer a partnership, focusing on creating a safer, more efficient underground workspace.

When you choose NLT Digital Battery Modules, you align your business with a leader in mining and tunnelling communication solutions. We’re committed to safeguarding your most critical assets – your operations and workforce; you can trust NLT Digital’s expertise to keep your workforce safe, whether above or below ground. After all, safety is the foundation of our business.

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