Glencore Kidd Operations Extends Underground Network

Company Brief

Company: Glencore Kidd Operations
Location: Timmins
Mineral: Zinc & Copper
Staff: 850
Mine Depth: 2.9km
Scope: 11 km coverage, 28 networked levels
Application: Low cost extension of existing industrial network.

Site Detail

Located in Timmins, Ontario, Kidd Operations includes the Kidd Mine and the Kidd Concentrator. Kidd Mine produces an average of 40,000 tonnes of copper and 70,000 tonnes of zinc annually. It transports its ore by rail 27 km away to the Kidd Concentrator. Kidd Mine is the world’s deepest base-metal mine below sea level and also has the world’s longest surface-to-bottom ramp. Glencore Kidd Operation is one of the largest private-sector employers in the City of Timmins, employing a workforce of approximately 850 which includes full-time staff and contractors.

Project Details

Kidd Operations sought out a low-cost and easy to install solution to extend their Cisco Wireless infrastructure to over 40 underground locations. Given the scope and size of the mine, many options were cost-prohibitive due to having to extend power to these remote areas and the constant changing level requirements to meet schedules. The winning solution required the ability to push Wi-Fi coverage using plug and play technology to the working face via Cisco wireless access points thus enabling voice, data, and video capabilities for frontline workers.


The mine chose the NLT N-Connex Edge (mine hardened switches), Ethernet Extenders, and pre-terminated CAT6 cable to provide network connectivity. The N-Connex system seamlessly integrates with the Cisco backbone and provided a cost-effective and rapidly installed way to expand the network to the working face.

The N-Connex Edge extends the backbone access at each level to the working face via NLT Ethernet extenders, which can provide Power-over-Ethernet connectivity to an additional 100 metres. Three can be used in series to provide access up to 400 metres away from the Edge switch.

The NLT pre-terminated CAT6 cable and the N-Connex are easily deployed by non-technical staff, and the system maintains an IP67 rating. Working with Kidd operations, NLT was able to improve upon the plug and play capability of the N-Connex system and its ability to connect to third party hardware.

Why Glencore Chose NLT

  • Lower cost per kilometre of system extension.
  • Plug and play hardware.
  • Rapid deployment of mine-hardened electronics
  • Specifications that meet system requirements.
  • Interoperability with third party IT and tracking systems.
  • Ability for Glencore staff to self-support system with ease.
  • Superior customer service.