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Working directly with coal is literally dirty work. Additionally, it has inherent dangers from gases like methane, and explosions can occur when falling rocks cause sparks. We design our coal mine networks with these hazards in mind, ensuring all applicable equipment is intrinsically safe (IS), while still providing the most reliable and durable communication solution for your mine. Our focus is very simple: to develop and deploy the most current and adaptive technologies to make coal mines safer and more efficient.


NLT is a proud industry expert in the design and installation of flexible communication and tracking systems for the underground tunnelling industry on construction and maintenance projects like roadways, subways, railways, hydro, and service/utility tunnels.

Our engineers will work with you to design a solution that’s based on your individual needs and requirements – we offer the industry’s most reliable and durable communication solutions.

NLT’s goal with any project is to maximize the safety, productivity and profitability of our customers

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